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UKCEN 2019 Annual Conference

UKCEN 2019 Annual Conference

Speakers to include:

  • Professor Alison Murdoch, University of Newcastle
  • Sarah Aylett, Hugo Wellesley - Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • Deborah Cohen, Associate editor BMJ
  • Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz, University of Sheffield.


  • Mitochondrial donation and reproductive choices
  • Access to new treatments
  • Medical innovation and liability
  • Paediatrics – Parental duties vs. rights, Child’s right to confidentiality

The Big Debate:

"This house believes that personal beliefs have a place in clinical ethics consultation"

Pre-conference workshop 27 June
What makes an effective clinical ethics committee?

Pre-Conference Dinner: Fine dining, Murray Edwards College, 27 June 7.30pm

UKCEN 2019 Annual Conference


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